Law and Order Superfan for TV Guide


I photographed Law and Order superfan Cassandra Ramirez for a special L&O edition of TV Guide. It turns out the show has quite the rabid following, with collectors snatching up rare items from the show on ebay and other venues. Cassandra had quite the collection, which I tried my best to fit into one frame to show the extent of her devotion. While I’m not a regular viewer of the show or any of its spinoffs, I do know that it has one of the best theme songs in the history of television. If you live under the sea and haven’t heard it, it goes exactly like this: Duh DUH da da da da daaaaaaa, Duh DUH da da da da daaaaaaa daaa waa waa wa wa waaaaaah.


(Post originally appeared 9-28-09)