One thought on “Congressman Ron Paul for TIME

  1. I have been following Ron Paul’s political career and admire his consistency in the portrayal of his ideas.He’s taught a few generations the importance of fiscal discipline and the importance of individuals accepting responsibility for themselves.. I’m excited that he’s finally getting some credit for the validity of his position regarding the military and prioritizing the Nation’s financial needs and how to approach them. I regard him as a true political hero and PATRIOT by being critical of our presently corrupt system and having the political guts to stand up and call it what it is . He’s the de facto best definition of an honorable politician. I don’t agree with him 100% as I do see the need for some social program do put the power of government to work to support some poverty initiatives. I like a lot of his leadership characteristics. He is a model of the role a Senior American can be to bridge the ageism gap. I could argue with him and at the same time admire his talents and energy and his ability to articulate his ideas. He’s his own political paradigm I would hate to see him leave the political scene. He is everything that is great about American politics. He’s disappeared from the scene because he is feared by some folks in power who think that they can shut him up. It will never happen. This will never shut up a well reasoned argument

    RogLangLaws (former Libertarian and now Independent)

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