White House for TIME

A few weeks ago, I was asked to show up at the White House to spend the day covering for another photographer who couldn’t make it for the obligatory pool coverage. I was more than happy to oblige, and thankfully I wasn’t thrown into the deep end. It was a slow day at La Casa Blana as evidenced by my wandering around the grounds and taking pictures of nothing in particular- which is always an absolute pleasure for me.

_MG_0118I caught a glimpse of Bo between buildings. Some guy was walking him. I wonder if there is an official White House dog walker or if some staffer’s responsibilities were expanded to include the regular walks?

WH1There is a small army of television cameras set up on one end of the North Lawn. I presume they are there for the requisite live shots for the nightly news broadcasts. I think they’re there rain or shine. This photo doesn’t show the full extent of this army, just a sliver through the landscape.

WH4The president was engaged in television interviews all day. This is a picture of some of the equipment / wardrobe in the queue to get in.

_MG_0112A pretty happy looking White House worker caught me sneaking a shot of him from a distance. I like the angle and if I ever get the chance, I’d like to use that particular background for a portrait. I’m always scouting.

WH2The first lady gave a policy-support speech on her husband’s healthcare reform efforts. It lasted a little long for me and I couldn’t get up and leave, so I got a little out there with my shots in an effort to stave off boredom. This one is of her reflection in some glass.

WH3Same room, same glass, just a wider angle lens and focused on the audience.

To my knowledge, nothing particularly historic or important happened while I was there, but it was an honor to be there on call, just in case…

(Post originally appeared 10-10-09)