Funeral Plot Real Estate for the Wall Street Journal


This was a pretty interesting story.  The gentleman pictured above, Mr. John Dotson, purchased a double plot in a Maryland cemetery from a traveling salesman in the early 90s.  He planned to spend the hereafter with his wife in the quiet memorial park near his home.  However life (or death) is what happens when you’re busy making other plans, so after a series of misfortunes money was suddenly tight and the plot became a superfluous piece of real estate with which Mr. Dotson decided he could part.  Unfortunately, the funeral real estate market is just as finicky now as the rest of the real estate market, if not more so- folks are particularly picky about where they’re going to spend eternity.  Some want to be on top of the hill, others want to be near the pond and no one really wants to be near the edge of the park near the highway.

Mr. Dotson is standing in the approximate spot where his double plot is supposed to be.  We spent 45+ minutes in the rain with map-in-hand trying to find it, and in the end we failed. It just wasn’t marked.

You can read the article here.