Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Bob McDonnell for USA Today

As I sit at my computer and write this post on election day eve here in Virginia, I find myself thinking about the importance of local politics.  Voter turnout is likely to be a little lower this year than last.  Without the glamor and excitement of a presidential election, folks just don’t get out to vote in the numbers they should.  As I learned in physics, an object at rest tends to remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside force.  Last year’s election was a force of titanic proportions and it moved a lot of unmovable objects off their couches and into polling stations.  Tomorrow, the good people of Virginia are going to decide who gets to govern them for the next four years- but despite the endless barrage of vitriolic, mud-slinging television, radio, print and even internet ads, I get the feeling that most Virginians aren’t too keen on deciding this year.  I suspect that they’re finding it difficult to get behind either candidate and aren’t sure what to make of these crazy ads and dinnertime telephone calls.  I don’t think they’re actively seeking independent analysis of the candidates.  I think a lot of folks are going to stay home and that would be a crying shame.  All of those same Virginians who got off their couches to vote last year but plan to eschew the process tomorrow are wrong to think this election is any less important.  That’s where my political activeness ends.  I don’t really care which team you’re rooting for; I just want people to be informed and involved.

My involvement in politics is to inform.  To that end, I got to tag along with Gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell as he pressed the flesh at a Manassas, VA street fair.


He’s got a rockin’ trailer with his face and family plastered all over it.


I think he would have won the Chik-Fil-A cow’s vote, but I’m pretty sure the cow is a Georgia resident up here on business.

VAGOVOnce he got into the town’s Republican HQ, he treated us to a spectacular light show where he bathed us all in his holy light.

I kid, I kid.  I just screwed up my flash settings.