Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for PARADE Magazine

Photographing Secretary Clinton at the State Department is like observing a moose in the wild.  You’re really hoping to see it do something interesting like get into a fight with a bear or go for a swim or don a top hat and perform a musical number- but mostly it just stands around grazing.  Secretary Clinton mostly attends meetings and press conferences and smiles her diplomatic smile-  there are no bear fights or pool parties or musical numbers.

That being said, this assignment was still a dream come true for me.  Some of you folks may know that I majored in international affairs and for many years had every intention of joining the Foreign Service and becoming a career diplomat.  Photojournalism and a few other things changed my mind along the way, but I am still a huge foreign policy geek.  Shadowing the country’s chief diplomat and sitting in on important meetings and watching ambassadors get sworn in was just the tops.

The following is a handful of pictures from my day-in-the-life with Hillary.  The full essay can be found on my website under Recent Work.  An extra full non-essay edit can be found in my Photoshelter archives.

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5 thoughts on “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for PARADE Magazine

  1. Good work Melissa! Sorry there were no dance numbers or bear fights involved. Maybe next time!

  2. Really great series, great B&W conversions but especially amazing color on the images in your archive. Your color is really spot on its super impressive, even under mixed lighting situations, top notch. The great processing really makes the great images pop even more, glad to see you are so consistent across the board.

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