A Very Golden Thanksgiving

I took a break from regular updates last week as the relations converged on the Golden household.  The Gilmores came from Atlanta and LA to visit the Goldens who are all in DC.  It was a perfect storm of ridiculousness that I managed to take in stride with a cocktail in one hand and a camera in the other.  Oh, and you heard me right.  My family is made up of Gilmores and Goldens.  Just like the tv shows.

My mother had informed me during the Summer that I would be taking a family portrait this year.  I didn’t actually have a say in the matter.  She would have docked my turkey.  As much as I loathe groups shots, I did it and much to my surprise I had fun with it.  I kind of enjoy bossing the family around.

The best shots came about thanks to my very cooperative cousins, Sammi and Amanda.

SammiSammi here tossed her head 20 or 30 times.  Glad she didn’t puke up dinner.

amandaMy 13-year-old cousin Amanda was happy to vamp for the camera.  Hard to believe she’s 13.

glareThis was my favorite photo of the night.  My brother was about halfway through a bottle of Maker’s Mark and my grandmother strongly disapproves of drinking.  I don’t even remember taking this picture.  They were just sitting on the couch waiting for the others to come in for the group portrait.  I had a remote trigger in my hand and kept accidentally setting it off- I think this is one of the accidental triggers.

One thought on “A Very Golden Thanksgiving

  1. Good God Melissa! How come nobody ever told me about “The Golden Hour”? If I did something as creative and interesting as this, I’d sure as hell want everyone I knew to take a little peek at it once in awhile. I stumbled on it almost by accident. I’m now reading the archived issues (entries?) What do you call them anyway? Is this a blog? (I always wanted to know what a blog was and what it stands for, perhaps, ‘Biographical Logging of Gripes’?)

    In any case, I would like to be more present in your life. If you’re not interested or don’t have the time, I understand. If a barely known elderly relative had tried to insinuate herself into my life when I was your age, I would not have welcomed it (unless there was a trust fund involved). And as I’ve pointed out before, I haven’t been very good at keeping up with any of your lives for decades now. We are, for all intents and purposes, virtual strangers. However, I find you witty, talented, complex, and challenging, which draws me to want to get to know you more. I see myself as having those same qualities and have many interesting stories about my life and times that are waaaay different from the rest of your family. If you’d like, perhaps we can exchange observations and life experiences from time to time using any media you prefer… skype, email, facebook, twitter, blog, pod cast, snail mail, phone, in person, etc. If you’re not interested I have only myself to blame and will leave the door open for the future.

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