Wolf Blitzer for Every Day With Rachael Ray

blitzer1I did a shoot back in November for Rachael Ray’s magazine.  She has a regular column where she talks to celebrities about the contents of their refrigerators.  The picture I took of Wolf Blitzer finally ran in the March issue which hit newsstands last week.

I arrived at Wolf’s suburban Maryland home early in the morning, a good time for both of us since he films The Situation Room later in the day and I had to catch a bus to NYC immediately after the shoot.  I found him to be a very down to earth gentleman, greeting me and my assistant warmly and ushering us into his neatly appointed home where he still proudly displays the childhood artwork of his now grown daughter.


His wife welcomed us into the kitchen and I got to work.  It was pretty clear to me that someone had gone on a Whole Foods run prior to the shoot.  It was too perfect.  I mean, I strive to keep my home refrigerator looking this good- even to the point where I arrange food by genre, color and size- but this fridge took it to another level.  That was fine with me, however.  I didn’t have to put lipstick on a pig.  His wife did add an interesting touch, dispersing miniature bookmark-sized cutouts of her husband throughout the refrigerator.  I cocked my head and thought about removing them for the shoot, but decided to roll with it.  I love that there’s something subtly off about an otherwise straightforward photograph of a man with his refrigerator.  Thank you for that, Mrs. Blitzer.


At the end of the shoot, Wolf was kind enough to sign the back of one of the little bookmarks for me, which I’ve kept on my desk ever since.  I think of mini-Wolf as my little desk boss who looks on serenely as I go about my office work.