Kevin has been one of my dearest friends since we met in high school in Atlanta.  He’s a true renaissance man who throws elaborate, bacchanalian parties when he’s not doing things with computers that I can’t even comprehend.  He invited me up to New York City in June to photograph and enjoy his latest extravaganza, a campfire-themed art-installation warehouse party; a sort of mini indoor Burning Man.  I went with one camera and one lens, no light and shot the beauty that was all around me.  Even the NYPD didn’t have the heart to bust the party- when they showed up, all they could do was grin.

My friend Kevin, a.k.a. Balktick: party promoter extraordinaire.

4 thoughts on “Campfire

  1. Oh, David- it’s all around you for free! Seriously, though- available light is my first love and I will always default to it on a shoot, even if I spent the first half lighting everything up like the fourth of july. You should do a tutorial on how to use lights in such a way that it just looks like really incredible available light and doesn’t look lit at all- movie set style. That’s what I strive for and I’m going to LA to learn about.

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