New Orleans Film Locations for People Magazine

I went down to the Gulf Coast back in early May to cover the oil spill.  The first call I got when I hit the tarmac was from Redux asking if I could shoot a travel feature for my mother’s all-time favorite magazine, People.  While her love for the magazine is slowly waning in proportion to the number of celebrities she still recognizes in its pages (she claims she’ll cancel her subscription when she no longer knows who the hell anyone is anymore) she’s still a big fan and religiously fills in the crossword every week.  Shooting for People is a milestone in my career because I grew up with it in the house.  I read it after my mother did every week along with the Newsweeks my father discarded.

The following are pictures of places that are featured in present and future television or movies like Treme and The Green Lantern, as per the theme of the article.

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