Josephine “Josie” Robertson

Last summer, I had a dream photo shoot for an Australian magazine that sent me to take portraits of billionaire philanthropist Julian Robertson and his wife Josie at their spectacular home on Central Park South.  The couple was exceedingly generous with their time and the shoot was a true delight.  When I first entered their home, I remarked “Wow, this looks like something I’ve seen in Architectural Digest,” to which Mrs. Robertson casually replied, “You have.”  Their home was a wonderland of beautiful things.  The collection of fine art on the walls rivaled many museums I’d been to, yet it still felt very much like a home.  The art was actually the reason I was there for the shoot- the Robertsons had donated several pieces- including works by Picasso, Cezanne and Matisse- to the Auckland Art Gallery last year.

Mrs. Robertson struck me as a very lovely and elegant woman, and I was saddened to learn recently that she passed away in June of this year after a long fight with breast cancer.  My condolences to her friends and family.  I am certain she is dearly missed by many.

Here are some of the obituaries I found online which chronicle a remarkable and giving life.