Venice Beach

I spent the month of August in LA.  Went down to Venice Beach to check out the scene.  Pretty colors, interesting characters and so many dogs.  A nice gentleman who lived on the beach invited me to enjoy natty lights with him on his porch.  I met another nice gentleman who was taking his creations for a walk in a cart, inviting stares and smiles.  His creations?  Toddler-sized celebrity-faced dolls with silky black hair.  Mhmm.

One afternoon was enough for the month.

3 thoughts on “Venice Beach

  1. I’ve enjoyed your last two posts. You have a really good eye for making something ordinary look interesting. Well done. I’m glad chip turned me on to your blog.

  2. Used to live in LA. This post captures Venice Beach perfectly. Makes me long for “Back in the day.”

  3. Great pics Melissa! I love Venice beach, it’s one of my favorite places in LA. It’s making me a bit homesick right now 🙂 Hope to see you soon!

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