International Monetary Fund for Der Spiegel

Dear beloved readers of my blog (hi grandma!), I’ve made a solemn vow to post on a regular basis.  How regular?  How does 3 days a week sound?!  That’s right folks, I’ll be posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from now until eternity.

That being said, my past couple of posts have been personal work and to dispel any rumors that I am a bum and don’t get paid to take pictures, the next few posts will feature assigned work.

Der Spiegel called me up via Redux to do a building profile on the IMF compound in DC.  I say compound because there are two buildings, an older one and a modern one.  Both lack the diamond encrusted gold-plated hot tubs full of Cristal and Russian hookers that I picture when I think of an organization devoted to international monies.  They are both supremely bureaucratic.

When I shoot building profiles, I try to find the character of a place.  It’s not always easy- some places lack character (DC office buildings, I’m looking at you) but there’s always a little something to feature if you look carefully.  Despite the conspicuous absence of hot tubs, the IMF compound was pretty neat.  Check it:

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