Free Fallin’

[Visible in this picture: The Kodak Theater, Hotel Roosevelt, El Capitan and the downtown LA skyline. Not pictured but part of my view: the Capital Records building and the beautiful hollywood hills.  Click on the picture for a larger view.]

I know I said I was going to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and then I disappeared for a few weeks, but I have a great excuse.  I just moved to LA.  Now that I’m a little more settled in, I’m ready to get down to business.  The picture above is a composite pano of the eastern view from the private roof deck of the apartment I share with my wonderful boyfriend.  We met while I was in LA for a shoot back at the end of May, did the long-distance thing for a while and now we’re shacking up in a little dream of a place near Runyon Canyon.  Those Nationwide commercials are right: life comes at you fast.

While I’m not starting from scratch, I did leave an easy life with regular work in DC for an unknown future here in LA.  It’s a leap of faith on every level.  People have been asking me what I expect to shoot out in LA as if there was nothing going on here.  LA is a deeply story-rich environment.  Between the entertainment industry, protracted progressive political battles, earthquakes, fires and the proximity to Mexico and East Asia- I’m sure I’ll keep busy.

In the meantime, I wake up every morning and give thanks for the beautiful weather and a town with character to spare.

5 thoughts on “Free Fallin’

  1. Good luck Melissa! The way I see it, is if you’re not too too worried about getting work, you’ll get work. Having ambition is like owning a jetpack!
    and with a view like that, a jet pack would be so rad.

  2. … so, like, a psshooom with a view?

    Bon chance, Melissa — you’ll do great.


  3. hooray for you Golden. L.A. has just been waiting for someone like you.

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