Out to Pasture

I’m currently undergoing a major SEO overhaul of my primary website, melissagolden.com.  That means I’m also getting around to clearing out the back room shelves of pictures that used to be featured but are now just collecting dust and taking up space on the servers.  Before I take them down from the shelves and chuck them into the bin of no return, I wanted to rescue a few and put them out to pasture here.  Most of these were shot between 2006 and 2008, when I was really still just getting a grasp on my style fresh out of college.  My grasp is still rather tenuous, but I think there are fewer happy accidents and more deliberate captures.  All of these pictures exhibit in some way my early proclivities for shooting bold color, subtle gesture, beautiful light and sublime weirdness and they represent the foundations of my current style.  I suspect that the way I shoot will change over the years, but these core characteristics will remain constant.

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