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I got a phone call from a while back with a really neat assignment: photograph Beatles memorabilia collector Russ Lease with his incredible collection.  The guy isn’t your run of the mill hobbyist- he owns more gold records than most recording artists.  That they happen to all be Beatles gold records makes them pretty amazing.  Read the article and check out the slideshow here.

This is the original drum skin that was used during their historic first visit to America, you may have seen it from the footage of their Ed Sullivan Show appearance.

This is Paul McCartney’s Shea Stadium outfit.

This is the overcoat that Ringo Star wore on the Abbey Road album cover.

Fun fact: the Beatles used to forge eachother’s autographs when the others weren’t around.  Each of these pieces of paper shows one Beatle signing for the others. The John Lennon one is particularly rare.

Action Figures! No kung-fu grip, just angsty walks.

Another action figure along with its human counterpart’s actual drumstick.

Creepy life-mask of Ringo Starr from some movie he made.

John Lennon’s glasses.  Too cool.

We had some fun with the glasses and taped them onto the end of my camera.  John’s eyesight was absolutely terrible.  I actually got nauseated while trying to get this shot because of the strength of the prescription.

Possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever gotten to do on a photo shoot: wear John Lennon’s glasses.  I now have superpowers.

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