iPad Classrooms for Education Week (A Very Special Video Edition)

[Click the picture to watch the video]

Education Week gave me a call back in January and asked how I’d feel about shooting video for an assignment about iPads in the classroom.  I said I didn’t know how to edit, but I supposed I could collect the material.  The shoot was for the following day, so I spent the evening doing research.  I had a tripod and I’d already purchased an external mic on a whim last year, but I didn’t have a continuous light source.  I woke up extra early the next morning and showed up at Calumet just as they were opening their doors.  I bought a litepanel (a piece of gear I’d been coveting for quite some time) and was on my merry way to Riverside, CA.  The whole drive over, I kept trying to remember how 60 minutes conducts interviews and what might make good b-roll at the school.

I fumbled my way through the day, conducting interviews and collecting footage- thinking in a way I’d never been forced to think before.  When I got home and looked at all the clips, I despaired.  I had no idea how this jumble was going to come together into a cohesive multimedia piece.  I’m thrilled to see that my first professional foray into video looks halfway decent.  Now that I know I can collect the material, I need to learn a few editing skills- because after comparing the raw material with the finished product, the thing that strikes me most is the importance of the editing bay. Major props to C. Powers at EdWeek for making this look good.

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