Up in the Air

I recently got a new point and shoot camera, the Canon s95.  I took it on a trip to San Jose last weekend and enjoyed myself.  There’s no effort or thought or care in the photos that I take with it.  It’s the perfect vacation/party camera.  I don’t want to have to think about photography when I’m on “me time” but a large part of me still wants to take pictures.  I need to enjoy my surroundings and companions and this camera has helped with that.  There’s nothing casual about my work cameras.  They’re large and can make people uncomfortable.  Also, I only shoot manual, which is a task that occupies a significant part of my brain power.  Having a tiny but powerful point and shoot camera set to the program function is freedom.

On the flight back from San Jose, it proved to be a lovely little distraction as I took pictures out the window the entire hour we hurtled through the air down the state of California. I saw farmland and mountains and a completely circular rainbow.  Once we got to LA, I was delighted to discover that I recognized most of LA from the air, large and small landmarks alike.

The image quality is a little rough on this one- the rainbow was very faint and I had to play with the curves to get it to pop a little.


6 thoughts on “Up in the Air

  1. I love these. I think you may have just sold me on the s95. I’ve been resorting to old film cameras for low stress vacation work but without being able to review I think the tension is still there. I’ve been wanting to find a point and shoot that frees me. My brother has one of these, I think I might experiment with it a little when I got home and see him.

  2. That’s awkward, my name is Melissa too, i do Photography too, I have a blog too and it’s named Up in the air 😀
    Nice shots by the way ;D

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