Bruse Family for Money Magazine

My last shoot as a west coast photographer had me flying to Wyoming to photograph the Bruse family for Money Magazine.  We had to fly in a wardrobe/mua from Salt Lake City and bring up a photo assistant from Denver because eastern Wyoming doesn’t have a lot in the way of crew.  What it does have is tap water that tastes like poison (fracking perhaps?), lots of mines and wide open spaces.  The Gillette airport is full of grand taxidermy and the fine dining establishments serve dinner salads with chex mix on top.  It’s actually a pretty magical place.

On the day of the shoot, the skies were beautiful, but all those lovely little clouds meant that my light changed dramatically from minute to minute.  It was also a windy day, which meant that the girls were cold and hair wouldn’t stay put.  This picture shows my right hand man for the day Caleb Tkach checking one of our locations for rattlesnakes.  So yes, challenges included erratic light, wind and venomous snakes.  That’s my kind of shoot.

Gotta keep constant tabs on the hair and makeup throughout the shoot.  Wadrobe, Hair and Makeup Artist Jodi Gleave is on it.

I mostly shoot adults who tend to stay still and follow direction, but when photographing kids, I take their special needs into consideration.  Kids don’t like standing still for too long and the idea of a two-hour shoot is inconceivable.  You can actually see the energy drain out of them as a shoot drags on, so play breaks are essential.

Many thanks to the Bruse family.  Great kids, great backyard, lovely people. Also, thanks to Shayla at the magazine for taking a chance on me.  Great first shoot together!