Stefani Rash and Rina Shah’s Workday Diaries for Marie Claire


I shot a two-part assignment for Marie Claire this summer that had me running up to Delaware as well as more familiar territory on Capitol Hill.  The Workday Diaries feature is a regular section in the magazine which chronicles the 9-5 workdays of young women around the country.  Day-in-the-life assignments are a bit of a specialty of mine, so I really enjoyed these shoots.  I first spent the day with Stefani Rash who is a group sales executive with the Wilmington Blue Rocks, a minor league affiliate of the Kansas City Royals baseball team in Wilmington, DE.  She does a little bit of everything around the stadium and it was exhausting to watch her run through a typical day on the job.  Keep an eye out for her- she’s likely to end up running a major league team someday.

Rina Shah is an independent political consultant and the  Communications Director for the Fred Karger presidential campaign.  She’s based in Washington, DC, where she worked on Capitol Hill before striking out on her own this year.  In the spirit of full-disclosure and to keep my j-card in good standing, I do have to say this entire day had to be treated like an extended portrait series.  Not a single thing wasn’t set up.  I would have loved to just shoot Ms. Shah doing her job as she would any other day, but thanks to deadline, bad scheduling and perhaps a lack of proper communication, the whole shoot was more of a representation of her typical day.  That’s not to say there weren’t some real moments in the tableaux, the shoe-check being my favorite.  I have a feeling that like Stefani, Rina will be one to keep an eye out for in the future.  She’s one of the Republican Party’s best fresh faces I’ve seen in a while- and doesn’t she just look fabulous in that dress?