Double Takes: My Love of Celebrity Impersonator Conventions

[A Lady Gaga greets an LL Cool J]

I sent myself to Las Vegas to check out the Celebrity Impersonator Convention earlier this year.  The moment I realized this was a thing that people actually did, I knew I had to go and I was not disappointed. At first, it was every bit as strange and wonderful as I’d hoped it would be, except by the end of the convention it stopped being strange and started making perfect sense.  Of course Oprah and Kenny Rogers are hanging out in a hallway while Elizabeth Taylor enjoys a sandwich.  Of course Spock and Bono are having a conversation.  Of course Prince is dancing with Martha Stewart and Ozzy has a Sharon on each arm.

A thousand thanks to the organizers of the convention and the impersonators for making me feel so welcome and showing me how it’s done.  A lot of time was spent trying to come up with my celebrity doppelgänger so I could return to the convention next year as an impersonator, but unfortunately I neither resemble anyone nor do I possess talent.


One thought on “Double Takes: My Love of Celebrity Impersonator Conventions

  1. As a new Spock impersonator, it was an honor to be a part of this amazing event and to meet all these pros. I will return next year. Thanks for these great pics. See you soon.

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