Refugee Chihuahuas for the Wall Street Journal

I got a call from the WSJ asking if I was free last-minute to shoot a two-day story on chihuahuas that were being flown from California to Virginia.  Apparently, there is a glut of unwanted chihuahuas out there and a bit of a shortage and demand out here.  I have exactly two soft spots on my cold, calcified heart.  One of them is for dogs.  This assignment was some kind of extra awesome early holiday present.  Read the story here and check out extra/different pictures in the slideshow here. 

This is the one I wanted to take home with me. Looking at this picture makes me almost cry with regret.

And here is a picture of me in a chihuahua tornado.  It was the best thing ever.  The picture is by Kari Vincent and a thousand thanks to her and all the other wonderful folks at the Norfolk SPCA.

One thought on “Refugee Chihuahuas for the Wall Street Journal

  1. Amazing! You did non-cliche pictures of dogs that manage to be cute at the same time.

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