Henry Winkler for AARP

Winkler_01One of my very favorite editors called me up this fall and asked me to choose between two assignments occurring at the same time.  One was something I’ve already forgotten, and the other was shooting portraits of Henry Winkler.  So you see here which one I selected.  I might be the biggest Arrested Development fan I know, so even though Winkler’s legendary status was cemented by his role as The Fonz, I was particularly pumped to meet the genius behind Barry Zuckerkorn.

Winkler_03There was not so much space to set up anything elaborate.  One of his assistants asked me if the setup was my photo gear and I replied “actually, it’s my fishing gear.”  Normally, my smartassery gets me nowhere, but Winkler, who is apparently a HUGE fishing enthusiast, got all excited and gave me a high five.  Score.

Winkler_04The same assistant had her revenge when she took this awful, awful iphone picture of me and HW.  It’s like she’d never taken an iphone picture before.  Sheesh.  I still treasure it, though.  I pretty much never, ever, ever ask to have my pictures taken with any of my subjects because I think it’s kind of unprofessional.  I made an exception because this is the man who was considered at one time to be the coolest man alive.  That means a Jew was once the coolest person in the world.  Granted, he was playing an Italian, but still.  Represent.