Caroline Jhingory for Fitness

Fitness 02, 2013I cannot conceive of losing 156 lbs, but my subject Caroline did just that.  Revisiting this shoot I did for Fitness magazine in November reminds me that while many things in life are completely out of our hands, the way we treat our bodies is fully within our control.  One of the things that was out of my hands on this particular photo shoot was the light.  The magazine trends toward pretty, sunny, “lifestyle” type pictures and on our chosen day, the sky was pure grey overcast.  This is fine for most things, but it doesn’t exactly scream lifestyle.  My assistant for the day (props to Chris Gregory) and I tried faking lens flare I’d typically get from the sun by aiming extra strobes at the camera, but it didn’t quite look right.  Nothing beats the power and feel of the big flaming ball of awesome in the sky.  Caroline Jhingory Caroline JhingoryMagically, about an hour into the shoot, the most glorious golden hour light hit the area and I could not contain my glee.  I think I actually squealed with happiness. Caroline Jhingory Caroline JhingoryCaroline and all her hard work were definitely worthy of an inspiring spread in Fitness and I was glad to be asked to photograph her.