Six Shoots for Government Executive

2012 was my first year shooting for Government Executive magazine.  They’ve been a fantastic client and I’ve been lucky to work on several assignments with them in the area.  For the photographers out there who think the big nationals are the end-all-be-all, don’t discount the niche publications.  They are almost always completely awesome.  My job to find the glamorous side of various current and former civil servants might seem like a challenge, but I’m pretty convinced everyone has a good side and that even the most dismal government office has architechtual treasures either inside or out.  govtexec_01[Robert Shea of Grant Thornton LLP]govtexec_02 govtexec_03 Shawn Henry[Shawn Henry of Crowdstrike Services] govtexec_05 govtexec_06[Zachary Brown of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau]govtexec_07[Maura O’Neill of USAID]govtexec_08[Jon Quandt of the Government Printing Office]govtexec_09 Harry Butowsky[Harry Butowsky of the National Park Service]govtexec_11 govtexec_12