Candy Crowley for USA Today

USA Today called me a few days before the Candy Crowley-moderated presidential debate for an assignment to photograph her during her workday at CNN.  As the network’s chief political correspondent, Crowley seemed like a solid choice to be moderator, but she faced immense criticism both prior to and after the debate. I do suppose that’s something that happens when you’re in the public eye in any sort of political capacity.  For what it’s worth, as I watched her work, she seemed pretty unflappable to me.CandyShe had this amazing desk that operated on a lift and could be transformed from a sitting desk to a standing desk with the push of a button. I’ve gotta get me one of those.  Note her event credential board- it puts my collection to shame. Candy Candy CandyCandy was kind enough to sit for a portrait in her office.  She decorated both candidates’ cardboard cutouts with silly neck gear. Candy_05