Solha the Dog (and her family) for Ladies Home Journal

PETTSI got to spend a stellar afternoon in the Virginia countryside with Jessie and Jake, their daughter June, and their dog Solha.  Jake met Solha while he was deployed to Afghanistan and upon his return, the family worked to adopt her and bring her to the U.S.  Jessie Knadler, the author of the piece and mom/wife in the photos has an awesome blog called Rurally Screwed.solha_02I found Solha to be a great subject as far as dogs go.  She was that rare mixture of chill and curious. solha_03June was the other star of the shoot. solha_04The family has a great home in the mountains with gardens and sheds and chickens and lots of room for Solha to run.  solha_05 solha_06 solha_07June and Solha are pretty good friends. solha_08Solha is a wonder-dog and tough as steel.  Here she is hanging out on the roof of the shed. solha_09 solha_10And here is is jumping/flying down. solha_11 solha_12She’s all-American now. solha_13