Johnny Newman for Sports Illustrated

Newman01Last Summer, S.I. called me up and asked me to go down to Richmond to shoot portraits of former NBA player Johnny Newman for a “where are they now?” feature.  I found Johnny to be both exceptionally tall (kind of a given, no?) and exceptionally kind and generous with his time.  There were some cool shadows on his home court that I wanted to play around with and he was game for anything.     Newman02 Newman03 Newman04Lindsey is even shorter than I am, but she still managed to be a huge help 🙂  The whole shoot reminded me of that age-old question: how many toddlers do you think you could take in a fight?  Scale-wise, we were like toddlers to Johnny’s regular height. Newman05 Newman06 Newman07You know what’s actually pretty difficult? Throwing a basketball high in the air from hand to hand while looking at a camera.   Newman08 Newman09This is a sweet ride. I want white leather seats with black piping in my car.  Might look a little absurd in a Hyundai Sonata, but I’m willing to take that risk. Newman10Home studio! Laying down some tracks.

One thought on “Johnny Newman for Sports Illustrated

  1. Absolutely great shots of one of our most favorite Knicks and three point bomber, Johnny “to the butter” Newman. Such the superb two way player and great imagination getting to the hoop.

    This is a terrific surprise. As many of us who loved watching Johnny killin it at the Garden back in the day, a fine tribute. Thank you!

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