Love Hacker Amy Webb for the Wall Street Journal

Data: A Love StoryAuthor Amy Webb met her husband Brian through the internet.  Lots of people are doing that these days, but she took it to the next level, leveraging her background as a journalist and data analyst to deconstruct the system and reconstruct her profile.  She even wrote a book about the proccess, “Data, A Love Story“, along with this WSJ article  for which I shot these pictures.Data: A Love Story AmyWebb_03This scene was not for the camera- it was so classically “marriage” and made me smile to watch it.  It reminded me of my parents, gesticulating wildly and bickering with smiles on their faces. Data: A Love Story  AmyWebb_06 AmyWebb_07Their home had so many stunning architectural features.  So many beautifully lit alcoves.  There’s a lot to be said for old construction. AmyWebb_08Amy has a giant whiteboard in her office.  I need to get me one of those.AmyWebb_09 AmyWebb_10Mystery stairs in the back yard. AmyWebb_11I’d like to add that Amy’s love-hackery may have scored her the perfect husband.  When my assistant and I showed up, he had freshly baked chocolate chip cookies with sea salt waiting for us.  Amy and Brian were just wonderful.  Not a lot of photo subjects “host” their photographers.  There’s certainly no need to, but I got the feeling that they would simply plotz if they didn’t treat everyone who showed up to their home as a welcome guest.  It was my last shoot of 2012, and a great way to round out a good year.