Geico CMO Ted Ward Cover Shoot for Advertising Age

20130318-NEWS--0001-NAT-CCI-AA_--.qxdGeico is of one of the nation’s most recognizable brands and producers of so many simultaneous ad campaigns that it’s hard to keep track of them all.  That a trade magazine about the advertising industry would ask me to photograph Geico’s CMO is actually pretty rad for me.  That’s because I LOVE ADS.  When I was a child, I used to keep a special journal in which I would write down ideas for commercials and campaigns.  I always thought trailers were the best part of going to the movies.  In high school, I secretly saved up money for a washing machine with “calypso action” because the commercial was so compelling.  I don’t own a tv so I don’t watch very many ads these days, but who doesn’t know the Geico Gecko and the Cavemen and the googly-eyed money stack and the pig and so on and so forth?  I mean, I guess Geico sells insurance (I’m quite happy with the exclusive and excellent USAA and never look at other insurance companies) but for years, they have been entertaining me with silly commercials.  Of course, when you pull back the curtain, it’s all business and metrics and science.  That’s why we photographed CMO Ted Ward in a server room.  It’s about the data, people.  This was a fun, albeit challenging shoot given the itty bitty space we had to work with.  As always, I made sure to provide a variety of options because, y’know, it’s the cover!  In the end, Ad Age went with a trio for the cover.  I think the original plan was just a solo shot of Mr. Ward, but I’ve learned that original plans must be flexible on-set.  Things change. 20130318-NEWS--0040,0041-NAT-CCI-AA_--.qxd Ward03 Ward04