DC Sports for ESPN

Here are some pictures I took last September from a story that got shelved by the NHL lockout.  I spent a long weekend with a reporter from ESPN Magazine wandering the streets of the metro area, photographing hockey fans who had something to say about star Capitals player Alex Ovechkin.  The story was supposed to culminate with an interview and portrait session with the man himself, but his people informed us he had seen fit to fly back to Russia to celebrate his birthday during our proposed time.  I was also told to look out for all things DC sports as the issue was about DC as a sports-loving city.  I’d never immersed myself in DC sports culture before and I found it fairly reflective of the city’s “personality.” That is to say, fairly wonky and button-down with a few unexpected quirks.

DCsports_01 DCsports_02 DCsports_03 DCsports_04 DCsports_05 DCsports_06 DCsports_07 DCsports_08 DCsports_09