Puerto Rico, Dark and Light

PR_01There are rainbows around the moon in Puerto Rico.  There are many fences and gates and dogs.  There is much diffuse golden light and soft coral sand.  It is a place between places and I went there for my birthday last month with my man and a camera. I stayed up all night with cans of Medalla and bottles of Don Q and wonderful friends.  When the sun came up, I ran into the ocean and celebrated my life and my love.  There were no pictures of that, though.  I’ve learned to respect the futility in shooting while trying to feel everything.  PR_02 PR_03 PR_04 PR_05 PR_06 PR_07 PR_08 PR_09 PR_10 PR_11 PR_12 PR_13 PR_14 PR_15 PR_16 PR_17 PR_18 PR_19 PR_20 PR_21 PR_22 PR_23 PR_25PR_24PR_26 PR_27 PR_28 PR_29 PR_30 PR_31 PR_32 PR_33

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