WSJ MegaMix

The following pictures come from a whole bunch of shoots I’ve done for the Wall Street Journal this year.  ALLOWANCEThe Schaffer boys posed for some portraits for a story about earning an allowance.  Do these kids not look like something straight out of central casting for a Little Rascals reboot?ALLOWANCE ALLOWANCE ALLOWANCEThat compost lemon half eventually ended up in that hat.  Ah, brothers. SEIBWESSEL[Right:-Larry Summers;  Left- Senator Joe Manchin]CATHAL.ODChef Cathal Armstrong from Restaurant Eve for a story about lighter, healthier restaurant cuisine.  Armstrong dropped 50lbs after making some lifestyle changes that included taking up a martial art. Losing weight by eating amazing food and learning how to kick ass sounds like something I could get into.  CATHAL.OD wsj613_08I photographed Bill Dean in his Georgetown home for a story about  his new $40 million party palace in Miami.  DNAMaryland Court of Appeals judges Mary Ellen Barbera and Glenn T. Harrell, Jr. sit on the highest court in the state of Maryland. They are good friends despite their occasional judicial disagreements, such as when they took opposite views on a major privacy case testing whether police can take DNA samples from arrestees without a warrant- a case the U.S. Supreme Court recently decided.  Police may indeed harvest that delicious, delicious DNA. FINFRAUDThe Division of Risk, Strategy, and Financial Innovation’s Director and Chief Economist Craig Lewis, right, and Assistant Director Harvey Westbrook are photographed at the SEC offices, which are actually really, really nice.  Especially for a Federal building.  FINFRAUDThese guys were a surprise/delight to photograph.  My orders to shoot portraits of two SEC economists sounded, um, rather dry.  The shoot turned out to be a fun Friday afternoon romp through the SEC offices with two guys who really seem to love their jobs, but won’t bore you with the specifics.  Unless you ask.  I asked and then I had terrible flashbacks to my macroeconomics course in college.  I did not do so well in that class.  Once you introduce abstract numbers, my mind drifts to a happier place with ponies and rainbows and whiskey.DCBURBSThe photos above and below are from a shoot for a story about the economic impact from vacant office space in the Crystal City, VA office corridor.  Kora, pictured here, and other restaurants are hurting.DCBURBS Grant MemorialI was assigned to take pretty pictures for a story about the Ulysses S. Grant memorial, which is HUGE and SAD.  No, seriously.  It’s sad.  Next time you visit DC, take a closer look at the calvary and artillery sculptures flanking the central figure.  There’s a guy getting trampled to death.  It captures some of the grit of the Civil War in an unsparring way you just don’t see in modern monuments.