Michael Saylor for Fortune


I’m finally getting around to posting this gem of an assignment.  I spent an afternoon last summer with Northern Virginia’s own playboy bazillionaire tech tycoon Michael Saylor.  He co-founded a company called MicroStrategy, the headquarters of which looms over Tysons Corner, VA, the real heart of business (and awesome shopping) in the DC area.  For two hours, we walked around the building and its grounds, taking pictures and talking about all sorts of things.  It’s so nice to have a leisurely shoot with a cooperative camera-friendly subject.  The photo that ran, of course, was only the second setup I shot.  Funny how that happens sometimes.Michael SaylorMichael SaylorMichael SaylorMichael SaylorSaylor had just published his first book, “The Mobile Wave: How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything,” seen here in the foreground.Michael SaylorThere was this random giant marble swirl sculpture in the lobby and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to do a James Bond shot.  Because, come on, when is that going to present itself again?Michael SaylorMichael SaylorAt the end of the shoot, we made our way to the plaza in front of the building where MicroStrategy was hosting a company BBQ.  Not pictured is the large stage behind us with a live band.