Dave Voth for Fortune

Dave VothDo you enjoy reading investigative journalism?  Then check out this twisted tale of guns and Mexico and cartels and the ATF.  I photographed “Fast and Furious” scandal figure Dave Voth for Fortune last year.  We met at his lawyer’s office and went for a walk around the block.  This particular block, the one around Farragut Square, is the setting for way too many of my DC shoots. It’s close to the White House and the lobbying houses and law firms of K street- and during certain times of day, we get some really nice reflected light off the mid-rise office buildings surrounding it.  It’s one of the few places in town that conveys “city” instead of “Federal” or “European knock-off.”

Anyway, for a man caught in the middle of a nasty game of political hot potato, Mr. Voth was quite nice for subjecting himself (with his lawyer’s blessing/suggestion I suppose) to this photo shoot.  Voth_02 copy Voth_04 Dave Voth Voth_07

Another figure in the scandal sued Time Inc. for libel for running this article.  Fortune refused to retract the piece.