Men’s Dermatology Clinic for Town & Country

Derm_01 DC DermatologistsSkin is amazing to me.  It can be ethereally beautiful or super, super gross.  I had skin troubles like most kids, and I vividly remember trips to dermatologists, which were usually mildly traumatic.  Later on, both my parents were diagnosed with skin cancer around the same time.  You’d think I’d hate skin doctors, but if I could choose to be any kind of physician, I’d be a dermatologist for sure.  It ain’t gonna happen at this point, but I can live vicariously through my subjects sometimes.  Town & Country asked me to photograph Dr.s Tina Alster and Terrence Keaney for a write-up about their male-focused dermatologic outfit in DC and I was all about it.  DC Dermatologists DC DermatologistsDr. Alster has her own line of skincare products. DC DermatologistsMy understanding of this machine is that laser beams come out of it and onto your head and it stimulates hair growth.  It looks fairly sentient and angry to me.DC Dermatologists