Washington Post Publisher Katharine Weymouth for Financial Times

Weymouth_01AI like getting calls from Financial Times because the editors have fabulous British accents.  They also have good assignments, and back in May they asked me to photograph venerable WaPo publisher and scion Katharine Weymouth.  With the announcement of the sale of our beloved Post to Mr. Bezos, I thought it might be a nice time to share some of the selects and outtakes of Ms. Weymouth looking positively fierce.  Do you think the deal was already in the works back in May? Because I think she looks like she has a secret. Maybe that’s how she looks all the time.  It’s not a bad look.  Pair that with a British accent and you are 100% rock-solid good to go for life.Katharine WeymouthWeymouth_04AWeymouth_05AWe took a little excursion to the newsroom, which is black and white, because newsrooms are totally noir.  Actually, they’re insanely cluttered and unfortunate-looking spaces and I only miss working in them when I’m feeling particularly sentimental and recalling fond memories that didn’t play out so fondly at the time.  Regardless, the Washington Post is a helluva paper and I wish Ms. Weymouth and Mr. Bezos all the best going onward and upward.

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  1. Not exactly sure which I enjoy more the pictures or the commentary.

    Very much admire your work, please keep sharing!

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