Enrique Gonzalez for Bloomberg Businessweek, A Stakeout Story

Enrique GonzalezSometimes my job can be extra challenging and strange and awkward.  Such was the case with this peculiar assignment from Bloomberg Businessweek for their “Hidden Hand” column which features the people behind the people.  Enrique Gonzalez is one such man behind the scenes, as he is an immigration law expert and special counsel to Senator Marco Rubio.

The Senator’s office was not interested in allowing a photographer to tail one of their people for a little while, so I had to kick it old-school and do a stakeout.  Normally, stake-outs aren’t so terrible.  You’re not usually the only one there and you usually know what your subject looks like.  In this case, I had one wire image to go on that only showed Gonzalez’s profile and I didn’t know where in the entire Capitol Hill complex he was hanging out on this particular day.

I was hoping to get my subject in the same frame as Rubio, so I went in search of the Senator.  I found him in another Senate office building giving a press conference, but no subject in sight.  After the press conference, I decided to follow the Senator.  I was the only one and it looked extra creepy/stalkery, so I sheepishly explained my mission.  He laughed, wished me luck and then let me follow him back to his office in another building.

I sat in that dark, dead-end corridor for hours.  People came and went and some stopped to talk.  Everyone said they felt sorry for me, but no one was willing to divulge the whereabouts of my subject.  I kept staring at the reference photo, trying to determine the most defining characteristics.  Eyebrows, I decided, and I intently scanned each face that popped out of the six or so doors that made up Rubio’s office suite.

Long story short, the eyebrows emerged and I unofficially followed them all over the place for the next hour with a triumphant degree of awkwardness I did not know was possible. Read the profile here.Enrique Gonzalez Enrique Gonzalez Enrique Gonzalez Enrique Gonzalez Enrique Gonzalez Enrique Gonzalez EnriqueG_08

3 thoughts on “Enrique Gonzalez for Bloomberg Businessweek, A Stakeout Story

  1. This is great! I can’t imagine how strange it would be to sit and photograph an less-than-willing subject for so long (say, more than a perp walk). Did you guys exchange words at all? What sort of interactions did you have?

    1. There were a few words. I let him know what I was doing and told him he could talk to me if he wanted, but there was no obligation and he should feel free to ignore me as much as possible.

  2. This is amazing! I’m the daughter of Enrique Gonzalez and I absolutely love the shots you captured of him during his time up in the Capitol. What made me and my family laugh was your comment on his eyebrows, a trait we even bother him about.

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