Whistleblower Dinesh Thakur for Fortune

Dinesh ThakurDinesh Thakur is the man who exposed Indian generic drug manufacturer Ranbaxy’s criminally fraudulent activities.  I photographed him for a very long, very interesting story for Fortune.  You should read it.  Sure there are financial incentives in place for whistleblowers, but fundamentally it’s about doing the right thing and ensuring the millions of people who rely upon things like generic Lipitor aren’t getting sawdust pills.  Dinesh ThakurI photographed Dinesh on the patio of the Glover Park Group offices, which turned out to be a surprisingly good and versatile spot.  You never know what you’re going to get when your assignment has you showing up at a random DC office.  Most of them are deadly ugly, but some are gems.  The cloud shot was possible thanks to some dark, reflective glass, which brought the sky down beautifully to balance with my lights without the need for much post.

Dinesh Thakur Dinesh Thakur