Eastern Christian Academy Football

Continuing in this week’s football theme, I present an evening’s worth of pictures from an assignment I shot for Washingtonian Magazine last year.  The story never ran, and I’ve been waiting for a crisp Fall Friday to share them.  These are images from an Eastern Christian Academy game.  The school was founded in 2012 to fundamentally create a high school football powerhouse that would demolish everything in its path.  Most of the classes are online and the school has more football coaches than teachers.  Some have questioned the academic merit of a virtual school to bring the region’s best football players together, but there’s no denying that university scholarships are being rained down upon these kids. prepfb01 prepfb02 prepfb03 prepfb04 prepfb05 prepfb06 prepfb07 prepfb08 prepfb09 prepfb10 prepfb11 prepfb12 prepfb13 prepfb14 prepfb15 prepfb16 prepfb17