Alan Greenspan for the Wall Street Journal

2013_10_19_cmyk_NA_04Weekend Confidential - Alan GreenspanThis is a tale of music.  It is also a tale of two Melissas and two Alans.

Few people know that the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve studied clarinet at Juilliard in the 40s.  I found that out when I did my research on him and decided that our time together would be well served by having a little background music.  I went out and bought a beautiful little bluetooth speaker.  During setup, I learned from his chief of staff that he loved classical music.  We put on a best-hits playlist and waited for him to arrive.  When he showed up, he sat down in groomer Melissa Schwartz Jones’ chair and turned to me and asked “how long is this going to take?” “Thirty minutes,” I replied,” to which he responded “shorter.”

We started shooting and I asked him how he was enjoying the music.  “What music?” he asked and my assistant, Alan, and I realized that Mr. Greenspan couldn’t hear it.  We pumped up the volume and a sort of tidal change washed over him.  At one point, Moonlight Sonata started playing and Mr. Greenspan hummed along, swaying a bit.  Music hath charms.