NSA’s Big Dig for Government Executive

GEcoverNSA GEfeatureNSA-1I photographed Dr. Harvey Davis, the National Security Agency’s director of Installations and Logistics, for a Government Executive magazine cover. We got to go to an active construction site for the north campus electrical utility plant at Fort Meade in Maryland, which was a bit unusual because normally the NSA won’t even let you point a camera in the direction of their campus, let alone shoot on the campus itself. In the past I’ve had to do shoots at the nearby National Cryptologic Museum, which is infinitely lamer than it sounds. Despite the fact it’s a converted mid-century motel (or perhaps because of this), it might be the worst shoot location of all time. Constructions sites are pretty awesome though, so this turned out great. Dr. Harvey Davis, NSA's Director of Installations and LogisticsGiant steel cylinders with stairs winding up into the sky? Yes please. Alan really earned his keep assisting on this one. It was insanely hot outside and moderately dangerous. Dr. Harvey Davis, NSA's Director of Installations and Logistics Dr. Harvey Davis, NSA's Director of Installations and LogisticsMajor thanks to Kelly at Government Executive for this shoot. The cover and the doubletruck looked stellar.