December WSJ MegaMix

EVANGELICALWith 43 shoots so far this year, the Wall Street Journal has been keeping me very busy.  It’s time for another mega mix featuring some of my recent shoots for them.  In the first picture, we have a saintly-looking Dr. Russell Moore, President of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission. BURWELLDirector of the White House Office of Management and Budget Sylvia Mathews Burwell and Senator John McCain were both photographed at Seib and Wessel breakfasts.  PRINCEThis shoot was totally badass.  This is Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater.  Tom Clancy (may he rest in peace) wishes he could have written such a complex character.    PRINCE BERKOWITZFairholme Capital Management founder Bruce Berkowitz in Georgetown. Paul ReichlerThe international relations degree-having geek in me loved this quick but fascinating shoot. Lawyer Paul Reichler specializes in international public law and is taking China to court on behalf of the Philippines over a dispute in the South China Sea.  JFKWhether directly or indirectly, my work often places me in the river of history.  This is Alexandra Zapruder, granddaughter of Abraham Zapruder, whose name you might recognize from a certain amateur film made in 1963.    MEISTERThis is CFTC Enforcement Director David Meister on his penultimate day of work at the CFTC.  He asked that I not photograph it, but he had a movie poster for one of the all-time great comedies hanging in his office.  Points if you can guess which one it is based on his (now former) place of employment. FURMANBrief portrait with the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors Jason Furman (left) and to the right, we have the start of a couple of pictures from a really odd day of shooting.  It was the day leading up to the shut-down, and I first found myself running all over DC trying to find the things that would be affected like the Smithsonian.  I then spent the rest of the day and late into the night shooting the political intrigue (what little we could actually see) on the Hill.  The photo above is of two staffers in a very large, quiet and otherwise empty rotunda.SHUTDOWNTourists at the Museum of Natural History. SHUTDOWNThis is also at the Museum of Natural History and I couldn’t get over how perfectly the elephant’s behind worked as a political visual pun. Nobody else got it, though.  SHUTDOWNNon-government workers were affected by the shutdown.  The people who run the snack stands and souvenir carts certainly didn’t think it was worth the fuel to drive their wares into the city during the shutdown. SHUTDOWNOn the Hill, I found this lovely sort of renaissance moment of a restoration project. SHUTDOWNBoehner and his posse walked back and forth between his office and the House chambers all night.  A bit Reservoir Dogs, really. SHUTDOWNHere’s Andrew Harnik making his second Golden Hour Blog appearance. He was on assignment for his paper, but even when we shoot news, we have fun.