Politics for TIME

Women SenatorsI had two shoots for Time Magazine this fall, neither of which ended up in the print editions, but they were fun to shoot regardless. I got to observe a true power lunch between Senators Susan Collins, a Republican from Maine, and Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat from Minnesota.  Senators2The extra special aspect of this lunch at Capitol Hill hotspot The Monocle was that it occurred during the government shutdown when their male counterparts were enjoying their posturing, brinksmanship, and mutually assured destruction.   Mike NeedhamI also made some portraits of Mike Needham, the CEO for Heritage Action for America. According to the article, Mike and his group are kinda sorta responsible for the government shutdown. Just how well that worked out for him remains to be seen. As a photojournalist who covers politics, I actually got a boost in business during the shutdown, but my family was directly and adversely impacted along with many, many others. Most folks seem to agree it was a bad idea.Mike Needham