Drew Ungvarsky for Entrepreneur

Drew UngvarskyI’m a bit overdue with this one since I shot it last December, but I still wanted to share it with you. This is Drew Ungvarsky, owner and creative director of Grow Interactive in Norfolk, VA. Norfolk is really known as a Navy town, but hardly a destination for top creative talent. Drew set out to change that. This temporary “pocket park” on an empty lot downtown would have been an eyesore after a development project fell through, but Drew and his employees volunteered their time and skills to make it a lovely place to sit and have a sandwich or read a book.Drew Ungvarsky Drew UngvarskyHere’s Drew mingling at the opening of a pop-up gallery show in Grow’s recently acquired space next to its main offices. Building any kind of functioning creative community in a town requires these kinds of things, and it’s really nice to see someone spearheading that effort in Norfolk because a lot of pretty cool people live there and they deserve good things. Ungvarsky4