National Teacher of the Year for Parade


I’m so glad to have the chance to share one of three recent covers for Parade Magazine. This one features and celebrates Sean McComb, National Teacher of the Year who inspires students at Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts. Brilliant photo editor Kathy Nguyen hopped a train down from NYC to be there on set (and I use the term set loosely- we had to tear apart three classrooms to make it work) and make sure everything went smoothly. Because this shoot was in Baltimore, I was able to build my crew from some of Charm City’s finest.

ntoyparade_01Photographer Matt Roth lent a hand with his ninja-like chalkboard erasing skills.

ntoyparade_02My regular assistant, Alan, proved very helpful with the heavy lifting.  Of shirts.

ntoyparade_03Nate Pesce was actually our videographer, capturing some sweet BTS action.  I have NO IDEA why this frame is green.  Maybe it’s Nate’s energy field.  Anywhere, here’s the video featuring all of us in action:

ntoyparade_04We were able to get some of Sean’s students to come in and fill seats, even though it was the middle of the Summer.  They were really good sports about it.


ntoyparade_06Last, but not least, Leah Sarah Bassett was our outstanding makeup artist and groomer.  She had mermaid hair and made everyone look extra good.

ntoyparade_07IIRC, the World Cup was in progress.


ntoyparade_09Thanks for being such a great subject and inspirational figure, Sean!