Hobby Lobby Decision for the Wall Street Journal

As the weather cools and the leaves begin to turn, let me take you back to a moment of controlled insanity this summer- the scene outside the Supreme Court before, during and after the Hobby Lobby decision was announced.

__________Media found themselves camped between “women’s rights” protesters on one side and  “religious freedom” and “pro-life” protesters on the other.

__________Court employees and security serenely watched the action from on high.

__________To the victor went this hydra’s tangle of mics.

__________A man in the “religious freedom” camp prays for a win.

__________The “women’s rights” protesters were a colorful bunch.  Lots of rainbow flags, which I didn’t necessarily understand as they pertained to this particular case.  Someone explained it to me, but I can’t recall just now.

__________ __________ __________ __________The runners are the highlight of the Supreme Court decision spectator sport.  They dash with all their non-athletic might from inside the court to deliver the decision to their counterparts waiting outside. Why the news channels don’t hire olympic sprinters for this particular task, I do not know.  I also don’t know why they can’t text their people the moment the step outside the court.

__________As you may recall, the Court sided with Hobby Lobby.  The “pro-life” and “religious freedom” protesters reveled.

__________And the other side?  This woman was so sad she refused to talk to the media, despite hanging her head very photogenically.  I supposed sometimes folks making public statements need private moments- especially when their understanding of logic and reason and justice has just been completely upended.