Senator Ted Cruz for the Wall Street Journal

Quite some time has elapsed since I spent a day on the Hill shadowing Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. The excitement over 2016’s presidential prospects has not yet reached fever pitch, but the political world is well into its slow-burn of speculation over who will jump into the arena. These decisions are long in the making, and back in April of 2014, it was clear the Senator was considering it at the very least.

Thanks to the Senator’s old-school amiability (and his unusually nice staff) it was a pleasant day with more access than photographers are typically allowed. At one point, when we were alone together in his office, the Senator looked at me and asked how this whole thing was supposed to work. I was shocked to then realize I was the first photographer who has ever shadowed him like this. I tried my best to explain the fly-on-the-wall dynamic (the Senator is used to playing it up for the cameras) and we went from there. I hope that I laid positive and solid groundwork for those who come after me and that I get a chance to photograph the Senator again on the campaign trail, which I imagine is going to be a good time. Cruz’s fans are the kind of people that make campaign work so fun for a photojournalist.

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