F8 for Fast Company

I covered F8, the Facebook Developer Conference, for Fast Company and got to see a bit of the FB community culture IRL.  That’s “in real life” for all you non-webspeak-savvy folks reading this.

FB1web FB2web FB3web

The layout in the magazine was phenomenal, especially considering the limitations on shooting Zuck’s keynote. While I was free to roam the rest of the conference, I could only shoot the keynote from non-reserved seats in the audience and I couldn’t move at all during the presentation. I was absurdly lucky to snag an aisle seat several rows back, and though I was woefully under-lens’d and had to fight with all the idiots recording the whole thing with their ipads and such, which blocked my line of sight (seriously, don’t do that) I still managed to pull a few tricks out of my bag and even got a frame or two where Zuckerberg appeared to be looking at the camera.    FB_01 FB_04 FB_05 FB_06 FB_07 FB_08 FB_09The event was huge and redolent of all the trappings of dot com opulence. Sushi lunches, dope goodie bags (stylish backpacks, actually), virtual reality funtimes stations…  FB_10This audience member is checking Facebook, natch. FB_11In case you were wondering, the pink is in-camera.