The Spirit of Halloween

I learned the true meaning of Halloween this year. No raging party or bar crawl or the like can compare to terrorizing children (and a few adults) so badly, they drop their candy and run. Major thanks to my good friend Barry, who lives for Halloween and told me I needed to come to his child-scaring (scarring?) party. The victims must traverse a 30-yard gauntlet of spooky decor and party-goers dressed in extra scary costumes who leap out at inopportune times before they get to the candy- handed out by Barry wearing a nightmarish mask. This was his 20th year, and his haunted manse is such a fixture in East Atlanta, that the children he’s frightened over the years are now old enough to bring their own children. If you ever want to stay in THE most incredible house in Atlanta, check out Barry’s Airbnb listing.

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